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I was scammed by an IQ test website called Brainety, please help me to get my money back


I paid for their IQ test certificate for 2,16 euros and then a few days later they illegally and without my consent and participation debited 38,8 euros from my PayPal account and refused to refund the fraudulently debited money. Many of their customers, like me, have been scammed, their complaints can be found everywhere on the internet.
I didn't sign any acknowledgement of payments.
Unfortunately, when I made a small purchase of 2.16 euros from them, I did not realise that I was buying a product from a fraudster who then unauthorisedly set up an automatic debit to my PayPal account. I am asking you to help refund - 38,80 euros that the fraudsters charged my card illegally and without my involvement. In internet and in your HelpCenter  are many claims by other victims of this seller. 
But anyway I used PayPal just because you have security for us. I contacted customer support about this topic, but PayPal closed it. Does this mean PayPal is no longer secure if it ignores so many claims of fraudulent debits from the same seller? Or has PayPal any dealings with this scammer?

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Who Me Too'd this topic