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Cant accept partial refund

Every time I try to accept a partial refund it won't let me. It loads the PayPal page that says something went wrong on our end. Any ideas?

Will my subscriptions cancel or continue?

Firstly,I know you can cancel subscriptions/recurring payments within the PayPal interface. I pay for a subscription that costs $20 a year, and currently have $5 balance.I have no funding source in place, (card/bank account etc), only a PayPal balanc...

oldjawa by Contributor
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Sender Vetting

Good Evening, Has anyone ordered from Veteran Nations and have had any problems? Respectfully, Jay

Cant pay with PayPal "Tink" error

HELP!!  I cant pay for simple thing like food shopping or ebay. When i try to pay online i receive a message to say they need to check its me, which then opens a "Tink" security check window, i follow the steps to connect to my bank etc.. then i eith...

When do Pay in 4 payments update?

I paid 3 out of 4 installment on my Pay in 4 purchase. The final payment is scheduled for September 30th, but I wanted to just get it squared away, so I made the final installment today. The money was taken from my debit card and my overall PayPal su...

Loopdaed by Contributor
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Memo section missing

When someone makes a donation, why is the memo section not showing anymore?

SLNAZ by Contributor
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Can't receive transfers

So, my account is all set up and verified, however every time i try and transfer money into it it rejects and kind of transfer inlcuding from other paypal accounts and from Upwork and from various other sources, it is nearly impossible to get money i...

ahmedsa by Contributor
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