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Cant accept partial refund

Every time I try to accept a partial refund it won't let me. It loads the PayPal page that says something went wrong on our end. Any ideas?


I have sent money using tunes to my mpesa but I used my old number which doesn’t work now it have been already sent there how can I refund the money please help !

Nardi1 by New Community Member
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Never received refund to bank (over 30 days)

Hello community, I made a payment to a friend of mine on August 13th, 2021, and used the wrong email address for their account. My friend gained access to their account and attempted to refund the payment from this email address, and Paypal's feed st...

Resolved! Lost refund

Seller says he has refunded and provided me with a transaction ID, but in my Paypal activity, I see no refunds at all. How do I get my money back ? Its been weeks. Please help. Thanks. 

Didn't receive a refund almost one month

Hi I've refunded with about 1300eur, the paypal said it will appear on my bank account 3-5 days, now I'am wainting almost one month and didn't get refund, neither to the bank account nor to paypal, can you help me? Thx!

Getting money back from Ebay

Long story short, I bought a dress through a seller on ebay, dress never came as the tracking I was given went to another state. Contacted seller and they admitted its their fault. Since it said delivered I couldn't do anything through ebay and start...