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Facebook market place purchase

Purchased something on Facebook market place it charged me and I got the email but it’s not on my bank or on the PayPal activity. I also canceled the order so I’m expecting money back but haven’t got it yet.

Charges debiting for a failed transaction

My friend had added my debit card to his paypal account with my consent for a transaction which was done in June 2021 and the transaction got failed. But now some charges are debiting from my savings account saying pos decline fees. How to solve this...

Starlord30 by New Community Member
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Why I can't pay Instagram Ads via my PayPal ?

Why I can't pay Instagram Ads via my PayPal ? The note keep saying ' We weren't able to authorize your card. Please choose another way to pay' I have set my PayPal balance as preferred to make payment. But it always goes to my Bank account card. Can ...

mandinet by New Community Member
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Will my subscriptions cancel or continue?

Firstly,I know you can cancel subscriptions/recurring payments within the PayPal interface. I pay for a subscription that costs $20 a year, and currently have $5 balance.I have no funding source in place, (card/bank account etc), only a PayPal balanc...

oldjawa by Contributor
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Your payment was unable to be processed by PayPal.

Hi everyone, why can't I use my PayPal account to make purchases on other websites that accept PayPal.Every time I initiate the payment I get this failure message ( Your payment was unable to be processed by PayPal.) While my account is verified as w...

Missing Payment Option/Method

Recently I wanted to make a purchase, but I got the message that I needed to add a Credit Card or Bank Card, can I circumvent that by putting more (Sufficient) money in my PayPal account? I don't want to transfer money if that doesn't fix the issue. ...

XLBX1 by Contributor
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