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Everytime I try withdrawing my mobey from paypal I get the notification We were unable to capture the funds, please contact Paypal at

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PayPal Employee
PayPal Employee

Hi @Makini

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I understand that you are facing an issues in withdrawing money. We would like to inform you that if there is any limitation placed under your account, there might be chances you will face this issue, we suggest you have a check-in your resolution center, and if there is any active limitation, if yes then click here  and check how to resolve the account limitation. 


If there is no limitation placed, then there might be a technical glitch, In this case, you can clear the caches/cookies and try to make payment after a few hours, so the blockage will get lifted and the payment will go through.

I hope this helps.



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Hey, did you fix this error bro?

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