Why does paypal not tell me the payment status in the summary?

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I received a Paypal payment today for a car I was selling. In the summary of the payment, it stated that I had received the money, even though it did not show up in my balance. I assumed it was being reviewed and would show in my balance shortly. However, after doing some more digging on Paypal, I've learned that this payment was an echeck, and not going to be good for possibly up to 6 days. 


I should have been told this information in the summary.  I should have been told that this was an echeck payment and that it could take up to 6 days to get paid.  


Based on the information I was given in the summary, I gave the buyer the title to my car.  Now all they have to do is cancel the check or not have funds to cover the check and I'm **bleep**.  


This isn't right.  

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Is it showing as uncleared in your paypal account with a clearance date OR not showing in your paypal activity at all?

Regardless of the above there is no paypal seller protection anyway for motor vehicles.  

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