The country you're trying to send money to can't receive this payment

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Im in Poland. Last month and other months i got money from my customer from USA (im freelancer). But on this week customer cant send me money. He send me screenshot, where paypal wrote this problem - The country you're trying to send money to can't receive this payment

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Hello @ovsiannykov


Welcome! Thank you for joining PayPal's Community Forum. I'm sorry to hear you're unable to receive a payment from someone you've received from in the past. I can understand that must be a bit frustrating. Have you checked your Resolution Center to see if there are any action items which may require attention? If there's nothing there, and you're still located in Poland, please don't hesitate to reach out to our Customer Support teams for assistance. 


Best wishes with this and future transactions through PayPal!


 - Jon K

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This is a PayPal bug.

Please see:


--the message with timestamp Aug-27-2023 09:42 AM

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