Is my account able to receive money?

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Last week on Friday someone from Canada sent me the payment, but it still haven't arrived (i am in Croatia). Now we are worried. I got no notifications on my account that something is pending. So makes me wonder, since I did not used my PayPal account in a long time, am I still able to receive money? Why does it take so long?
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Paypal payments are more or less instant, even if pending or on hold they would still show in your paypal account and activity.

Make sure you confirmed your email address and that the email address the funds were sent to is the one on your paypal account and did not contain a spelling error.


Secondly make sure the funds were sent in a currency you have added to your paypal account as a receiving currency.

Also ask what it says on the transaction on the senders side.

Lastly be careful its not a scam.

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