Completed payments not taking money from my bank account?

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Hi everyone. Not sure if anyone else has had this problem. I recently changed bank accounts at the beginning of May and updated my details on PayPal straight away. PayPal has my new account details and has successfully verified. I have completed a few transactions with no problem. I have also received money and withdrawn it to my account with no problem. I have found that I now have two issues: //1. When buying things online, sometimes my PayPal app displays the purchase as "completed" but it is not even "pending" on my bank account. No money has left my account. // 2. Recently I have attempted to pay a larger amount off of my PayPal credit. It has been registered as paid on the app, the amount left to pay has gone down, transaction completed... and again my online banking does not seem to recognise it at all. There is no trace of any money leaving my bank account. Does it take some time to process this? Other PayPal transactions have left my bank account just fine whilst I have been waiting.
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I understand your concern about the bank transfer time frames. When you make a payment using your bank account, the amount to your seller completes instantly because we fund this on customer's behalf and wait for a bank transaction to clear. It usually takes 3-5 Business days for the transfers to clear from bank and reach PayPal system. You will be able to see the debit in your bank account in the next few days.


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