Unable to stay logged in and complete a payment


Hi all. I am having problems with PayPal and it's driving me nuts.


1st problem: I am unable to log in if I autofill my credentials using my password manager (Bitwarden) because I get captcha related errors. If I enter the credentials and the OTP code manually I can log in and stay logged in while I navigate my PayPal account.


2nd problem: even while I am logged in as described above, I cannot complete a purchase. When I am buying something from a website, the PayPal modal shows up, asks me to enter the verification code sent to me via text, which I do, and then the request hangs and I find myself logged out and unable to complete the purchase.


I have tried several browsers, both Chromium based and Safari, even just installed with no extensions. Nothing helped. Chat support is currently unavailable and I can't call them because I have hearing issues.


What can I do? I have been trying to buy two products from different stores and same issue with both.



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