How do I Confirm or update your income so we may consider you for future credit limit increases.


I'm trying to make a payment to PayPal. Every time I click "Make Payment" I get transferred to a window with this message: "Confirm or update your income so we may consider you for future credit limit increases".  The program won't give me any means to comply. I've clicked all over the page but no go.

Need some help. I would really like to pay my bill.


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Hello @isom1,

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I'm sorry to hear about the trouble you've had recently with your account. Payments can often be blocked or declined if we detect any unusual activity. PayPal may decline some payments to help protect you from any possible fraudulent activity. If you've verified that there are no suspicious charges in your account, please try the payment again at a later time. If the issue still persists, please check the Resolution Center to see if there are any notifications about your account status or unresolved steps to complete. If not, you may have to reach out to our Customer Support Team through the available contact options on our website.


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