Foreign currency transaction conversion


The Setting: I want to use the paypal payment gateway with my woocommerce store. My store is based in germany and I have a german bank account as the reference bank account for my paypal account. If I would get an international payment via the international SWIFT bank transfer system each payment reaching my bank account would cost me at least 5 EUR in bank fees.

Now the questions:
1. When I get a paypal payment through my woocommerce store from an US online buyer and lets say I have set my woocommerce store to display the prices in $ instead of EUR for an US online buyer, will the payment reach my bank account as a foraign currency/SWIFT transaction or will all the payments through paypal where ever they came from originaly and in what ever currency they came into my payppal account be SEPA EUR transactions when the go from my paypal account to my bank account?
2. If that (ALL transactions from my paypal account to my bank account are always SEPA transactions) is not the case by default, what do I need to take care of either in my woocommerce settings or my paypal account settings to make that the default behavior?



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