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Resolved! Unable to apply funds, Upwork, Egypt

Hi,I'm trying to transfer my money from Upwork to my Paypal account but it says, "Unable to apply funds"I get in touch with Upwork support team, they say that "I reviewed the rejection of your Paypal withdrawals and I found that the reversal was made...

Direct deposit full address and phone number of bank

I just started working as a sales consultant so I work for commission and my employer is requiring bank name address and phone number to set up direct deposit. How do I get that information or am I completely out of luck and never going to get my pay...

PChefDawn1 by New Community Member
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PayPal account encountered issues.

I am working as a freelancer, and when I was withdrawing money from my freelancer account, I received a message saying, "Your PayPal account encountered issues. Please contact PayPal support to correct any issues and confirm that your account is able...

Screenshot 2023-03-23 122532.png
uscftp by New Community Member
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Money transfer still not received in bank account

I contacted Paypal about this but they haven't responded. It has been an hour. My boyfriend sent me $176CAD on May 26th to help pay for a trip. I transferred the money to my bank account and Paypal told me it would be ready by June 6th. it is now Jun...

Felsic by New Community Member
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Check VOIDed but rejected

I attempted to deposit a check. The app asked me to write VOID across the front, then rejected it. Now I have a payroll check with VOID written on it, and no money. What do I do now?

jsmadere by New Community Member
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