Illegal discrimination

When will PayPal cease it's illegal discrimination, in which it regularly steals 100% of all money earned via labor, from all users who are homeless, all users who have certain types of environmental illness, all users who cannot verbally speak, all users who are deaf, some users who are Deaf, many users who are elderly, most users who are victims of domestic abuse, some users who are autistic, all users who are Amish, are users who are of the Luddite religion, some users who have other forms of domestic violence, and many users who have severe disorders related to anxiety/panic/etc.? PayPal currently illegally demands access to "text message" and "phone number", regardless of the fact that each and every one of the above Protected Classes NEVER has repeated, usually-available, and non-violence-inducing access to "text message", and all but one of the above Protected Classes never has access to any "phone number" period. When will PayPal cease this illegal behavior and random theft of all currency belonging to people who are members of these groups, solely because they are homeless/deaf/autistic/CIS/etc. (and therefore obviously cannot physically touch or be within a few feet of cell phones or cannot own a phone number or cannot talk on phone and thus would not own a phone number), ...Not to mention their additional discrimination against people such as families in general (with their insane claim that "another human being who exists lives in your same house and therefore obviously usually has the same phone number, and thus you cannot add your own phone number to your account because your own phone number is also Stephanie's own phone number because Stephanie is your grandma or your sister or your wife, and also, in addition to our refusal to add your phone number to your account, you are also required to add your phone number to your account, even though doing so is illegal due to discrimination against a large number of users by demanding this. Since you have not added the phone number to your account that we specifically prevented you from adding, we will steal all of the currency you own forever by not letting you spend it anytime during your life, even if every other member of your family dies since obviously the name of the phone company's registration would have no reason to be changed just because somebody died).
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