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Can I have two paypal accounts?

New Community Member

Can I have two paypal accounts?

Here's the deal:


I WILL NOT allow paypal to deduct from my bank.  I don't want the balance tracking hassle, and I don't trust their dispute resolution policy.  I only use credit card, so I can have the charges reversed if need be.  (after hundreds of transactions it hasn't needed to happen, but I simply don't trust paypal)  And I don't want to have to remember to change the source on every transaction.


So that was fine - we didn't keep a bank acount linked.  So it always used the CC.  Now my wife is selling some stuff occasionally, and they won't let us accept money without linking to a bank.


It is big hassle to link the bank account, accept a payment, then unlink it.


So:  Can I create two PP accounts?  One linked to the bank to recieve $.  One CC only to pay money?

PayPal Employee

Re: Can I have two paypal accounts?

Welcome to the boards!


I can certainly understand your desire to keep your buying account and selling account separate, especially in regards to tracking purposes - it's simply easier when you don't have all those purchases to sort through. 


PayPal does allow each member to have two accounts, one Personal, one Premier or Business.  So if this is the solution that works best for you, go for it!  Smiley Happy


Hope this helps,



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