What to do about a foot dragging seller?

Hello, I purchased an item (computer) via Swappa on Feb 15 using my credit card stored on PayPal. It's been 9 days since I paid on Feb 15, 7 days since I initially and politely asked the seller about a shipping date, and 4 days after Swappa's rules required the seller to ship on Feb 20. Passing that date is what triggered Swappa on Feb 21 to recommend to me to make a PayPal DNR dispute and seek a refund. That got the seller's attention, listing excuses for not shipping and venting at Swappa staff and saying if he refunded he'd be out a couple of hundred in fees. Another day passed. Now on Feb 23 the seller created a label and posted a tracking number but it's still not accepted into the FedEx system on Feb 24 over 24 hours later, meaning the seller has not dropped it off.
Bottom line: still no evidence of shipping.
I have 5 questions I hope you'll answer:
1. What to do now? I can escalate the dispute to a case on Feb 28. Should I do that? Do I just wait and see what happens between now and then? Anything I should do in the meantime? I was going to message the seller to say I see the tracking number but it's still not shipped. Worth it? How much do I keep talking with them or do I just wait to see what happens?
2. When an item becomes a case do the attachments carry over from the dispute? Do I have the option to add new attachments?
3. The foot dragging makes me worried about the condition of the item (described as mint) if/when I get it. Will I have "wasted" my case on a DNR if it's in worse shape than I expect? To what extent will PayPal enforce Swappa's standards for condition (mint, fully functional) and how it's described in the listing?
4. Are there other options, like trying to negotiate a lower than full refund right now? If so what would be reasonable? What percent off what price? I'd like the laptop if it's in the condition as described, but that seems to be a gamble.
5. As a last resort, I can dispute via my credit card. Any advice with that?
I look forward to your advice. Thank you.
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