The ‘payment security review’ is reprehensible.

Everything about PayPal’s ‘payment security review’ is exactly what prevents the corporation from becoming popular and profitable. My features on the account have been ghost-limited for 40+ days. And I was previously lied to on the telephone by the team at Account Limitations Department where they were attempting to convince me that it is an unavailable feature due to the internal security risk algorithm. The most reasonable and rational of persons know common knowledge fact that no company would ever let an automated process place prohibitions on a customer account for such a long period of time. So suffice to say PayPal is lying to all of us just the same as when they admitted in the New York Times story dated on April 21, 2012 that they lied originally that a customer was intended to have the choice to opt out of the payment review process and then PayPal ultimately admitted to their lies that no he cannot. Now ten years later I am unable to select PayPal Credit it no longer appears as a selection on either a. In Person QCode nor b. Send money the same — as PayPal continually states to me to wait a couple days for the internal process to reset — which is not resolvable in reality because this has been going on for 40+ days yet I have never ever had single chargeback or any failed bank debits. It is the month of CHRISTMAS. Family and friends are the upmost importance right now. Then I wrote to PayPal in the middle of the night via Assistant Chat — suddenly learning via message that “Your account is temporarily blocked.” and that “Next, there's a brief review process to ensure everything is secure. We'll contact you with the outcome of the review within 5-7 working days.” Of course I was not contacted about my personal and financial information being limited or blocked. How DARE that this company operates in this business-unfriendly manner and severely-dishonest manner. I call on ALL MY FELLOW CUSTOMERS to contact your congressional lawmakers to get this system under control.
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