So I'm requested for a 50$ Fee. is this true or a scam to steal from me?eposit me

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so basically someone suddendly deposit me 3000$ on my palpal account, but it says that I need to pay a 50 dollar fee to be done.

it just request me to send the money to them and the deposit will be done. they showed me the notification with the request and everthing but... is this legit? and if it is... where can I get 50$ in a day? because I don't have any money and all the survey pages are terrible 😞

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Hello @Dummat


Welcome to the PayPal Community Forum! I'm glad you reached out regarding this transactions you're supposed to receive. In short, you should never have to send money or pay some kind of deposit to receive money through PayPal. If there is some kind of fee for receiving a payment, it will be taken out of the payment you receive - and only after you receive it. 

Here's a Help Center article you may find useful: How do I spot a fake, fraudulent, or phishing PayPal email or website?

I hope that helps!


 - Jon K

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I have a question. Someone wants to send me 1500, and they say the fee for the transaction is 250, and they're sending me 1750 to cover the transaction fee. Is that legit, or is the amount too big? Seems fishy.

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Hello @Foxyfloof

Welcome back to the PayPal Community! 

I understand someone is offering to pay you more than your agreed-upon amount. From what you've mentioned, it sounds like the overpayment scam listed in our common scams Help Center article, which can be found here. If they're not asking you to refund any of the money, then they could potentially just be offering to cover some of your processing fee. You can learn more about what fees PayPal charges on the Help Center and the Fees page. I also recommend checking out how to spot phishing emails, and as a quick reminder, please do not provide an item or service until you can verify the payment is in your PayPal account. 

I hope this helps, and stay safe!

- Meghan

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