Lost a case unrightfully as an online shop seller. What do I do?



on May 28th, 2024, I receive an order on my online shop. The buyer bought 3 pairs of most expensive Nike pants on the website. Anyway, the buyer on the website had one name and the PayPal account owner had a different name which is unusual. Everything was going well as normal, but right after the recipient received the package, the PayPal account owner instantly opened a dispute with the reason "Unauthorized transaction", which is very odd why he opened a dispute right when the person who made the transaction received the package.

PayPal asked me to provide fulfillment evidence which I provided with the tracking number and the post website. Then I emailed the account owner asking what is the issue and why is he asking for a refund, he said that he had unusual activity on his PayPal and I replied with How am I liable for that issue. He said you aren't. Then I provided additional information for the dispute on PayPal showing that I'm not liable in this case.
Then PayPal asked me for shipment proof. How am I supposed to provide that? I get hundreds of orders, I obviously won't be taking a video of me packing the products and going to the post office to ship them out. I had never had an issue with the buyer not receiving the package.

A day later PayPal closed the dispute in the buyer's favor with the reason buying "the proof of shipment you provided was invalid.".

This can't be real right? I think had been scammed. It is so weird that the buyer bought the most expensive pair of pants on the website and opened a dispute instantly after receiving the products and not after the transaction was made. Now I'm down 3 pairs of the most expensive pants on our website, €202,80, and also shipping and fee expenses.

What do I do? Please help.

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