Unrecognised transaction in recent activity

Hi, I've just gotten an Email from PayPal saying: 'You authorised a payment of £19.03 GBP to JUSTEAT.CO.UK LTD' This was not something I recognise. Its an order going to someone on the otherside of the country with a name that is not my own. At the moment, it says 'Authorisation in progress' on that specific activity and it doesn't allow me to do anything with it in the resolution centre. This is the first time in my years of using PayPal that something like this has happened and I'm a bit worried about it. I've changed all the security on my account and frozen my bank cards just to be safe. Im also very sorry if I have posted this in the wrong section
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Hello @Jakeberry94,


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I understand your concern about the unauthorized activity in your account. No need to worry! We offer full protection for confirmed unauthorized transactions. Make sure to check your billing agreement payment as this charge could be from a service you signed up for in the past. The authorization charge will remain pending until the merchant accepts/processed your order. As the authorization is still in progress, you can reach out to the merchant to cancel the pending authorization. 


If the payment gets completed, you can check the steps on how you can report the unauthorized activity in the resolution center of your PayPal account here : How do I report unauthorized PayPal account activity


Once you report the transaction, we will review and update you via email by 10 business days.


I hope this information helps!


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