Fraudulent payment (paypal transfer direct to bank)


Buyer for Pioneer XDJ-RX said, that she will send me paypal payment direct to bank. Here is 2nd letter I got, first had 3 buttons with I confirm, its not me and one more. After i pressed i confirm, buyer leave FB group and i get this email. The pending place 99% done... the bubble is movingto the left.

Screenshot 2023-04-26 093135.png


Screenshot 2023-04-26 093201.png


I wrote to buyers email, that email doesn't exist, when u hover over Contact Us it shows:Screenshot 2023-04-26 093340.png


So, I'm sure its a scam, where can I report this thing?

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Hi @roshkee


This does not seem like a genuine purchase. On PayPal, a buyer does not have the option to send money straight to your bank. They can send payment to your PayPal account but only you can withdraw it to your bank account. If you have not sent the item then I would recommend to not send it. I always say to sellers, if in doubt don't ship out. 


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