I got charged for $15 for reversing the transaction after I received an unknown foreign payment

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Hello, I received an unknown foreign payment (via goods and services) out of nowhere yesterday, and I immediately asked for help because I was worried that this might be a fraudulent thing. 


I asked for the resolution centre's help since there was no refund button on my side, and they closed my case saying that there were no unauthorised transaction and therefore no reason to do anything about it. 


At the same time, they set limitations on my account. Since no one was helpful at that time. I tried to figure it out myself. From my side, there was only one button, "request cancellation", and when I clicked into it, it showed this:



I emailed the sender (somehow it showed that the sender was the seller), and I got no response. Therefore I tried to escalate this situation with the resolution centre, looking for a reversal of this transaction, but I got ignored and the case was closed.


Then, I managed to get in touch with the sender and ask her to request cancellation (as this is the only way shown in the account).

The sender claimed that someone asked her to transfer the money to this account. 

The sender requested the cancellation and told me that the only option available for a cancellation reason was "item not received".

The transaction was reversed and I got charged $15 in dispute fees, which I do not understand at all.


My confusions/questions are:

1. Why was there no refund button from my side in the first place? Usually, if I receive payments via goods and service, I have the option to submit a refund request.

2. Why is the sender also the seller (it does not make sense to me), and why am I the one who got charged for the original transaction and also this dispute fee? 

3. What should I do if I receive an unknown payment? If this thing happens to me multiple times, does this mean PayPal can charge me every time they want?


From my side, I received a fraudulent transaction, and I did not want to get involved, so I asked to reverse the transaction so nothing would happen. However, it turned out that I am the only one who has lost, and it put me in a very vulnerable position. Now I have been charged for something I did not do, and I cannot talk to a live agent about this to help me resolve or understand this situation.


Please give your opinions with regard to this situation. Thank you.

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Firstly a dispute for an unauthorised transaction is telling paypal that your account was hacked and used without your consent to make that transaction.
Paypal would check IP addresses and devices and close the dispute if it was you that made the transaction. A payment 'sent' to you can't be an unauthorised payment. However paypal may put limitations on your account as you have reported problems with your paypal account.


You can't cancel a completed payment but you should be able to refund the payment (minus any fee that you were charged as it was not a fault on your side). To refund you click on the transaction and the refund option is at the bottom of that details page.


If the sender opened a dispute for non receipt of item which would be the only option if you did not refund the amount then of course you would not get the fee returned as part of that refund made by paypal when they won the dispute.


If you couldn't find the refund option then you should have contacted customer services and ask them to do a part refund for you (minus the fee) explaining to the sender its only fair that they paid the fee as it was their error.



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