Fraudulent charge from bytedance?

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Has anyone else received a fraudulent charge of 49.99 from a company called bytedance I got this tonight and it took my account into negative yet it doesn't show in the app or on my history at all yet I get an email saying they took it.
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Hi @BillieJoPitts


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If you are seeing a payment on your bank/card account and you are not seeing it on your PayPal account then it sounds like it could be a subscription payment. Generally if you are seeing a charge on your account and not in your PayPal account it is due to you signing up for something using your card and the merchant processed it using PayPal. 


Do you recall signing up for any subscription?  I would review your email account to see if there are any clues in there and if you are not finding anything maybe give your bank or card issuer a call to see if they can give you any more information on the transaction. 


I hope this helps and please keep us posted as it may help other members, 



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