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I've asked a supervisor to help me with a fraudulent charge from 8/10/22 for $949. My bank record shows this "ACH withdrawal Paypal Inst xfer TRAINEDANNA" The supervisor asked me for my bank account # and routing # and checked. Then they said they cannot go back further than 60 days and that I would have to check with my bank. My bank said they cannot help me and have to talk with Paypal. What do I do?

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Hello @lmichonski


Welcome to the PayPal Community! I can understand how running into some unrecognized activity can be pretty concerning. Normally, we would recommend reporting any unauthorized activity through our Resolution Center if you can see it on your PayPal Activity. While there is no time limit on when you can report the activity through our Resolution Center, our protection normally only extends to transactions within 180 days. In this case, we would recommend reaching back out to your bank and see what options are available. 


I hope they're able to get this taken care of for you. Best wishes!


- Jon K

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