Beware Scam E-Mail from PayPal - What to look for?

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When receiving e-mails and when NOT to reply and REPORT to PAYPAL!


Look for typos and things that are not consistent.  Above, see different type fonts in the Paypal name.  These are different country character sets, they may look like the letters "l" ( lower case L ) and "c" ( letter C ) but they really aren't.  Also look for incorrect spelling.  In the US, unauthorized is spelled with a Z not an S.  Here Payment is missing the letter a:  Pyment.


If you call these places, they will want to take control of your PC to help you with the transaction.  They will try to get the name of your bank and will then direct you to a scam website of that bank and have you type in your username and password.  ( Now the got you )

They will show you that the made a return to you of not $659.00 but, accidently made it $6590.00 instead.  They will ask you to return the money by going out and getting some sort of payment card and send them those card numbers.


If ever in doubt, contact Paypal directly from their website.  NOT from any phone number listed on the e-mail as you will be talking with the scammers.

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