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Unable to create Sandbox Accounts


Unable to create Sandbox Accounts

i signed up yesterday and then tried to login on the `` with my live credentials and was able to login. But when attempting to create a new sandbox account it jus says error under the `status` column after showing processing for a few minutes.

Event the default accounts created when logging in the are showing the same status. What could be the problem is there any kind of issue or disruption on the sandbox ENV although `paypal-status` doesnot say so.


i am facing this issue since yesterday. See the image below.



Also When trying to crate an APP it does not list any of the default business account



In attempt to troubleshoot the issue i found that the sandbox accounts give errorwhen you have the Coutnry selected as US and  if you select Brazil it works correctly and shows complete under status  column rather than showing error.

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Re: Unable to create Sandbox Accounts

I too am unable to create sandbox users when sandbox user's country is set to US. Like original poster suggested, changing the sandbox user's country to non-US worked.


Furthermore, I've been unable to complete sandbox credit card transactions using US sandbox users I've created in the past - the error returned is INSTRUMENT_DECLINED. I do not get this error when using non-US sandbox users.


Re: Unable to create Sandbox Accounts

I had the same problem. I've tried to create merchant sandbox account but it's always show error in status. Delete and create new one don't solve anything.