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need tax filing question answered .. thanks :)


need tax filing question answered .. thanks :)

I have a shared business account with my partner. The account has his SSN attached (so they mail the 1099-k form to him and the IRS expects him to settle it). However, I have been filing all the revenues/profits for this account when I do my taxes.  So all the revenues and profits have been accounted for and paid , just not under the correct SSN.  The IRS is now withholding his tax refund because they say he has not accounted for 2017 paypal sales when he filed his taxes.

 So now he would have to prove to them that I have already filed for all those revenues, how would we go about this? by sending them a copy of my tax return? any information or pointers would be much appreciated, thanks!


Re: need tax filing question answered .. thanks :)