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Resolved! Can Volunteers Run a Business/Nonprofit Profile?

I'm the parish secretary at my church, which basically means I'm a volunteer. I'm not employed there nor do I file the tax documents. When I set up our business profile, it asked for my personal information (such as SSN) as well as the church EIN. My...

ITIN letter from PAYPAL

is there any way that PayPal will issue a signed letter or document, on official letterhead, showing my Paypal member name and evidencing that an ITIN is required for my account?  I am a CAA and have many clients seeking this option. For any Single M...

CFLRG by New Community Member
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New Taxpayer Status Requirement

I am not a US citizen so I can't verify my taxpayer status using the available options. I have a Canadian SIN, not an SSN, but the system won't accept it. I've tried messaging PayPal but get nowhere. Does anyone have any suggestion? thanks

tstep by Contributor
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I dont have gst number. Then How to verify the paypal account. Therre is no gst number in india

Keerthi7 by Contributor
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IRS Code 6050W

I got an email from Paypal regarding my account & that I needed to provide my social in regard to the fact that should I meet the requirements of receiving over $20K in gross payment volume & over 200 separate Payments in a calendar year to determine...

RedOne-72 by New Community Member
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1099 required for selling used items and NOT a profit?

I got the email that says any “goods and services” payments adding up to $600 or more will result in a 1099. <removed> is this? I sell USED stuff online (Facebook or whatever) and don’t make a profit at all. I’m just trying to recoup some of what I s...

Confirm your U.S. taxpayer status form not working

Hi,the Confirm your U.S. taxpayer status form is not working properly. I am not U.S. entity, U.S. citizen nor U.S. person under U.S tax law. Even if I fill in all the fields and check all the boxes of the form, the"Submit" button can't be clicked (it...

LouisG2 by Contributor
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I wish to get FIRC/FIRS for foreign currency to get GST exemption. How can I get it ?

Aditya36 by Contributor
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How do I claim a tax refund through PayPal?

PayPal recently asked for my TIN since I have money coming in and going out for my online journal. That's fine--I can then deduct expenses on my tax return--but do I just send PayPal a W-9 form? I'm not an established business, just a magazine that c...

dgalef by New Community Member
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