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 I have a shop on Shopify.

I wanted to know, is there a way to embed PayPal's smart button (I mainly mean the "pay by credit card or debit" button) directly on the product page in Shopify, so that even people without a PayPal account will be able to pay through credit cards without a complicated procedure that will surely hurt conversions?
I know it works in Wix and WordPress. But for some reason, I can not do it in Shopify.
I went through step by step following the instructions on your developer page and it did not do the job. I would love to know what the facts are.
Another question at your disposal. And if I do manage to embed the above button, can I view the order from my Shopify dashboard or from the orders page in my PayPal account?
It is important to know what the customer has ordered.
Many thanks in advance.

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