Refund for an item still being paid for


I bought an e-cycle for my wife for xmas last year.

After only four uses it developed a fault.

After much contact with the seller it was returned.

Today the seller contacted me and has virtually accused me of causing the damage myself.

He even said i now have to pay to get then cycle back.

My question is this -----

As i am still paying for the item, i used PayPal credit, do i continue to make payments or can i withhold them until my case with PayPal is resolved ?

Obviously i don't wish to continue paying for an item i no longer have possession of but i want to keep my credit rating etc in good standing.

I can find no information as to what i should do in this matter either on eBay or PayPal sites.

Any suggestions gratefully received.


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Hi Johnnyx1,


Thank you for contacting the PayPal Community Forum and welcome as a new member!


I would recommend opening a "Not as Described" dispute on the transaction made to the seller. You can do this regardless of the outstanding amount to PayPal Credit. For more information on how to open a dispute please review this link - Open Dispute.


- Siobhan

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Hi,thanks for the reply.

A dispute was opened by me on the 8th of this month but as the item was expensive i decided to use PayPal credit to make paying for the item easier.

As the e-cycle has been returned to the seller and i no longer have it, but i'm still paying for it, i wanted to know if i have to continue payments each month or do i stop paying or do PayPal put a "hold" on the payments until they have finished investigating the case ?

I don't simply want to stop paying unless i know this is the correct thing to do. I can find no information on this matter on the site as to what i should do nor indeed what PayPal do in these circumstances.

If you can provide me with information as to what i should do i will be very grateful.

Thank you.

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