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PayPal Send Money to friends to save 0.25


PayPal Send Money to friends to save 0.25

Hi when I try to send my 500 1 cent rewards individually per day, paypal rest api is charging 0.25 cents per 1 cent I send, so to save money I am trying to go through the paypal website nodes with my webview macro to send the cents as a friend (0.00 interest as friend), I am half way there I want to see if someone can help me save time to finish the rest. first my program goes to: and performs a click with:

document.getElementById( 'nemo_sendLink' ).click() ;

next I need the json manifest file with the recipients email in the url: when I get the response json file in developer tools Application tab> scripts> there are a couple of possible arrays the json file should probably be put in I am going to try a few arrays to put it in like this one but honestly to save time if you already know which array the json goes in let me know so I can save 0.25 per payout.