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Authorize and capture subscription payments

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I am using PayPal Rest API for receive payment and create subscriptions in our website.

Paypal debit the payment when user click 'Subscribe Now' in paypal

but I want flow like this
-In my website user select product and quantity and redirect to PayPal
-user 'authorize' the payment and redirects to our website and leaves.
-Admin of website will 'Capture' the payment and start subsctiption

I want the payment debit will done when admin capture the payment

Authorize and Capture possible for one time payments. But I want this for first payment for every subscription/reccurring payment



Authorize and capture subscription payments

PayPal Employee

 Hi @Pavaneluru 


I'd love to help with this.


So, in the application_context object you've got a variable called user_action. By default it is 'subscribe_now'. However, you can set this to 'continue' and it will not activate the subscription. This means that at a later time you can then call the activate subscription endpoint to activate it when you're ready.


Hope that helps!


Authorize and capture subscription payments

Hello @MTS-Aaron ,

Thanks for your answer.
when I tried this solution everything fine. But I cannot activate subscription after 3 hours.
If i try to activate after 3 hours I just receive 'RESOURCE_NOT_FOUND' as api response. Is there anyway to increase this time. I need at least 24 hours to check the user details and activate subscription.

Thanks in advance.


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