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Get subscription_id from payment

Hi! While integrating subscriptions i stuck on a question:When recieving a PAYMENT.SALE.COMPLETED webhook i can't find the subscription id in the transmitted JSON data.But i need the subscription id to assign the payment to the user.Is there a way to...

aktiweb by Contributor
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PayPal recurring payments doesn't show balance option

Hi, We've developed a subscription system and integrated PayPal's subscription function in it. When customers try to get a subscription they're only given the option to pay by bank or creditcard. I asked two people to test this out. Both persons have...

Know if subscription cancelled due to failed payment

I have connected my app to use paypal subscription payments and i want to know when a client’s subscription is being cancelled due to failed payments with the suspended webhook, i have seen that there is a failed payments counter in it but as i under...

Oriz1 by Contributor
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Following a request from you we have updated the way to make recurring payments via the REST API and webhook instead of the html form and the IPN call.We encounter a problem. We still have subscriptions that were activated using the old method. The n...

Techcrea by Contributor
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report about mistake in docs - revise quantity

There is a mistake in this page in the "curl" example - the URL is not correct the word "/billing/" is missing. please correct this page.