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Refund not on Balance.

New Community Member
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I made a payment to a friend, the Money got on hold at his end. So he decided to refund the money, he did a refund and I got the money back same time, he gave me his Sister’s paypal email to send the payment, thinking it won’t be on hold like his PayPal. I made the payment but unfortunately it was still on hold, he refunded the money back to me but then I do not see the money on my PayPal balance, please what can I do and how long does this take .

Refund not on Balance.

PayPal Employee

Hi @Aniclear 

Thanks for contacting PayPal community!

I'm sorry to hear that funds were on hold and you have not received the refund, a payment will be on hold based on the type of the payment you have sent. You can check this article to know more information about the refund timeframe. 

I hope this information was helpful!

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