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Smart button payments not received in PayPal account

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Good day Community.


I turn to this board hoping that I might find a solution after an exhausting and fruitless 14 days being sent from one department to another and back again by PayPal's support.


The setup:

We use PayPal Smart Payment Buttons to receive payment for fixed price items. The code associated with the buttons where copied from the PayPal site. The values returned by the onApprove JavaScript handler, after a successful payment, is written to our database.


Has anybody else experienced anything like this? Any suggestions on how else this can be troubleshooted?


Looking forward to any suggestions.


The problem:

A payment is made by a Client. The onApprove handler returns transaction and payer information and the amount is deducted from the Clients credit card BUT 

  1. No email is sent that a payment has been made
  2. The payment is not credited to our PayPal account

So ... money is deducted from the client but not payed over to us.


The test:

  • We performed a transaction using our own live credit card on our site using the Smart Button implementation.
  • We checked in the bank statement and saw that the amount was deducted.
  • We did not receive an email from PayPal notifying us of the transaction.
  • In the  "Activity" | "All transactions" list the transaction does not appear.
  • A search for the Client name and surname, Payer ID and PayPal order ID (returned by the onApprove handler) returns no results.

The button implementation returns no errors when run. The process works smoothly. The values retuned by the onApprove  handler is as expected.


Attempt to get support:

I'm not going to go into a long and detailed description of all our attempts so far to get support using the official channels. Suffice it to say that from the 8'th of November when we first requested support we've been sent from one department to another and then referred back again. We've written several detailed descriptions of the problem and even provided screenshots of the credit card statement showing the missing transactions having been deducted and no payment appearing in our account. 


Smart button payments not received in PayPal account

Did you manage to solve this issue? I am facing a similar problem.

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