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Create Smart Button Redirect to Developer Guide

Hello. I am trying to create new Smart Buttons for a client's website. I have logged into their PayPal account and have navigated to the page When I click the button "Smart Button" instead of going to https://www.paypa...

Complete Purchase Button failing

Hello...I am running a community, Xenforo software. When folks purchase a site supporter - It takes them to the PayPal (PayPal url) screen to Complete the purchase. For the last 48 hours, I have had 7 people and 2 tests of my own, Where the COMPLETE ...

LeeD by Contributor
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Resolved! How to view/edit payment buttons?

I used to go main>pay and get paid>buttonsbut now I cannot find the path to view or edit my buttons. I found a link that works and bookmarked it, but it seems kind of strange that I can not for the life of me figure out how to view/edit my existing b...

AquamanIX by Contributor
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How to add my Etsy Shop, add PayPal standard checkout button, please give me solution, I have Token number, but I don't know where is use.

Danish19 by Contributor
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Paypal login button not working on the website

Hello, I am working on a client's website - I tried several times to add a Paypal link button for clients to pay online but the button didn't work. After someone clicked on the button, it showed error that invalid ...

Paypal button error

Hi, I have the following error, somebody knows how to solve it?ppxo_inline_guest_unhandled_error in this line: window.console[level].apply(window.console, args);