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Hello! I am setting up a sell on social item, but it doesn't have a place for me to input the quantity of the item. Is it possible to do that? Or do I need to make a new listing each time someone buys it? Also, if people want to purchase more than 1 in a transaction, how will that work?

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Why hasn't this been fixed yet? I just had to refund a duplicate sale.

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Good day @randi827 


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It is the functionality of the "Sell on Social" product.


In order to meet your specific requirements, I recommend utilizing alternative PayPal buttons. These buttons will enable you to achieve your desired outcome.


We recommend merchants to integrate our latest PayPal Checkout (Smart button) product.


I would suggest to please use the to generate button code and use on your website.


Merchant should first perform Create Order API( call and then redirect the customer/buyer to "approve" URL.


Once the order is approved by the customer/buyer, merchant should perform Capture Order ( API call and customer/buyer should pass the valid funding source. 


Note : PayPal provides multiple products and merchants can integrate them based on the requirement. 


Please follow below steps via PayPal Business account to explore other integrations.


Login >> click on "settings icon" >> go to "Account settings" >> Website payments >> PayPal buttons >> select button type >> fill the required details.




Login >> go to direct link "" >> follow the above steps.


If your still facing issues, please create an MTS ticket via -  with the detailed information and error details.




PayPal MTS


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