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Important Notice regarding upcoming Subscription changes


Important Notice regarding upcoming Subscription changes

PayPal is always looking to evolve our customer experiences so that we're providing the best products and solutions. To ensure that customers are receiving the newest capabilities, we continue to optimize our platform to provide the best experience to our Consumers and Merchants.

To align with these goals and deliver on those capabilities, starting February 1st, 2019, PayPal will be making a change to the PayPal Payments Standard Subscriptions feature(s) Modify and usr_manage.

This means your integration will no longer provide the ability to modify an existing subscription or have PayPal create a username and password when signing up for a subscription, these features will no longer work. 

We’ve provided some answers to Frequently Asked Questions below. We appreciate your understanding with this upcoming change and if you have additional questions you can
Contact Us.


Q: What changes do I need to make to my integration?
A: You do not need to make any integration changes.

Q: What will be the new behavior for modify=1 or modify=2?
A: It will always create a new subscription and will not provide any option to the buyer to modify the existing subscription.

Q: What will be the new behavior for usr_manage flag = 1?
A: The usr_manage flag = 1 will stop generating user name and password and stop sending the same in IPN and email.

Q: What regions are impacted by this change?
A: This change is for all regions