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PayPal credit option gone


PayPal credit option gone

So I will be first to admit I am behind payments. I have tried several times to pay but by the time PayPal has even sniffed at my money it has been taken by other bills. I’ve had times where it had taken up to TWO WEEKS for them to even consider checking to see if they could get the money. But the issue isn’t that the issue is the fact that the PayPal credit option has disappeared completely off my account. I can’t even make a payment if I want to!! I was planning to try again now that I got extra money in the next paycheck, but it’s just completely gone. Is anyone able to help me?
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Re: PayPal credit option gone



"I can’t even make a payment if I want to!!"


Yes you can, you could phone it in or mail it in:


This is when that paper statement comes in handy.


Have you looked in the Wallet page?


You can try accessing it via PayPal app:

Kudos & Solved are greatly appreciated. 🙂