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Samsung fails to complete PayPal credit transaction

HI When attempting to complete a PayPal credit transaction from Samsung, it times out for no reason. My purchase with Samsung then gets cancelled, as the PayPal transaction  fails to complete. Any ideas or suggestions? ThanksDavid

dlvenner by Contributor
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Resolved! credit line

I've had approved PayPal credit line to 2,700$ but recently that amount significantly decreased. Why is my credit line decreased and how can I got it back

minela11 by Contributor
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Paypal credit

My paypal account has been closed by paypal but i have outstanding paypal credit to pay it wont let me add a bank card or account so how am i meant to pay it thank

PayPal credit in ebay auction purchases

I wonder if someone could possibly help me out as I cannot find the information online. I already have PayPal credit on my account & have used it for buy it now purchases on ebay. Can it be used for ebay auction items also?

Sjmlamcsr1 by New Community Member
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Recently I was charged a fee from my bank for withdrawing overdraft because I wanted to use PayPal credit and thought that is what Paypal was going to do instead of withdraw money from my accountI want to use PayPal credit instead of having Paypal dr...

Ann2016 by Contributor
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Paypal Credit - payment allocation

I currently have three 0% interest purchases and one of them (for Airpods) will expire on 24th September.I paid for the balance today but how will I know that they will allocate it to the Airpods and not with the other 2 purchases (they both expire o...