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Rip off

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Rip off

I ordered a car part on line on june 6 and its the 30th. have emailed the seller several times with no reply. I have invoice number and receipt I was not using my account but it was paid through paypal. How do I contact paypal about this? The website is usless.

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Re: Rip off

You have to go through customer service as they can assign a transaction ID to your purchase which you can use to open a dispute.   

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Re: Rip off

Hi @john168,


The information that @Anonymous_User supplied is close. You can use the receipt email from the transaction you made to create a full PayPal account. If you created a full PayPal account using the same email address already, it will not be possible to create an account using that guest account receipt, but you can check with customer support for options.


When paying online, the benefit of logging in to your PayPal account is not just the safety and convenience of using the saved financial information, but also the security that PayPal's Purchase Protection affords. This protection is available on transactions that are made while logged in to a PayPal account. Guest transactions do not have the same protection.




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