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Difference between Personal and Business PayPal account

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Difference between Personal and Business PayPal account

What is the difference between a Personal and a Business PayPal account?


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Re: Difference between Personal and Business PayPal account

Personal accounts:

If you primarily need to make purchases and send money to family and friends, a personal account is probably right for you.   With a personal account you can do things like:
* Send and request money from friends and family.
* Buy goods and services.
* You can also use a personal account to receive money for the sale of goods and services, but if you plan to use your PayPal account primarily to sell things, you should consider a business account.   You can upgrade a personal account to a business account should circumstances change.

You can create item buttons with a Personal account however, there are limitations:
* You cannot save the button code to the PayPal servers or your account. (No "My Saved Buttons" option)
* You cannot create an email URL text link.
* You cannot create shipping methods or tax tables.
* You cannot track inventory or profit and loss.
* You cannot customize the checkout screens or display a logo and you don't have the option of any advanced features.
* You cannot create an active recurring or subscription item button.
* Personal Accounts will display both your name and email address to buyers.

A Business account has all of those features and more.
With a Business Account, buyers will see your business name and business email address - they would only see your name if it was the same as the business name.

Business accounts:

PayPal recommend business accounts for people and organizations that primarily use PayPal to sell goods or services or accept donations, even if your business is not incorporated.


With a business account, you can do things like:
* Use a company or business name as the name on your PayPal account.
* Allow up to 200 employees access to some of the features of your PayPal account.
* Sign up for PayPal products that meet your business needs.

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