Paypal payment error analysis and root cause


Please pass it to the technical support team and get an answer. 


System Details:

OS : Windows 10,

Browser : Chrome 121, 122 (my version)



During new user registration we are getting navigated to the paypal payment page after filing all the required details as shown below in the attachment. In the backend,  we take all the payment details along with a security token which has been created using random unique security token id for each transaction by calling paypal api. We are passing security token id and paypal returning security token and both will be carried to paypal payment page.


After reaching the paypal payment page, we need to fill all the card and address details in that page. If the network is slow or the system is slow or paypal doesn't process the request immediately, we will be able to click on the "Pay Now" button multiple times. In that case , we are getting navigated to the payment error page(url) which we passed during the payment process.


In the response from paypal we are getting something like below.

Attribute Param Name - UID, Value - 238890?RESULT=160
Attribute Param Name - RESPMSG, Value - Secure token already used.


In this scenario, as it is redirecting to the payment error page, we are not able to capture the payment details for those transactions and users are not able to use our paid features.


Please help and let me know your advise 


Thank you




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Good day @kumarranganath 


Thank you for posting to the PayPal community.


This error indicates that the secure token has expired due to either a successful transaction or the token has been used three times while trying to successfully process a transaction.


I would like to suggest that you try generating a new token again.


Please visit the following link -


If you are still experiencing issues, please create an MTS ticket via the following URL - . Please ensure that you provide detailed information and error details when submitting the ticket.




PayPal MTS


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We are able to reproduce the issue and issue is happening when user clicks on "pay now" button multiple times in the paypal payment page where user fills up credit card and billing address information.  Which is not in our control.   


In this case payment is happening successfully but we are not getting payment successful confirmation response instead we are getting Secure token already used [Attribute Param Name - UID, Value - 245333?RESULT=160 Attribute Param Name - RESPMSG, Value - Secure token already used. ]


Note:  We are sending Secure token only one time, since user is clicking"pay now" button more than one time so you are getting the same token again.  In this paypal payment page should not allow user to click more than one time and you should disable pay now button after one click. 


Note:  This issue is more when we use iframe and pop-up blocker 


Please fix pay now button issue and dont know user to click more than one time and disable on second click.  This will solve our problem. 


Let me know if you have any questions/clarifications? 



It is very pain for us to reconcile everytime and spend time in review any payment happened and subscription is not enabled from our end.  

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