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my bank account is accepted, but i cant pay with it

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hello, I have accepted bank accounts on my Paypal but when I go to buy things it tells me to add a card (i don't have a card-the reason I got Paypal) I tried to transfer money and it said it would take 3-5 days, its the third day so maybe it will come soon but when I sent the request it didn't show up with anything saying that the request had been accepted or anything, it just looked like it kept refreshing, who knows, maybe it transfers for each time I clicked in confusion😅 update: i tested it with the $5 i already have in my balance and it will let me pay that way so long as i have enough in the balance, i just really wish i was sent a confirmation or something so i know the money will be put in my balance instead of waiting a week to find out it doesn't work. another update: i think i got it to work, by using the link it is the same way i did it before but for some reason it didn't work unless i use this link, then it gave the confirmation


my bank account is accepted, but i cant pay with it


Hello @Eilish161,


Welcome to PayPal Community! I realize you may be having trouble transacting through PayPal. I know this can be frustrating. In this situation, if you do not have funds in your balance, you will be required to submit a secondary funding source as a backup. 


What is my preferred payment method and how can I change it?


I hope this helps! 

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my bank account is accepted, but i cant pay with it

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i have balance in my paypal and i want to withdraw it into my bank account but i cant link my bank it always showing 

This account needs a little help to link it. Contact us and we can help with that, or you can link a different account

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