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Hey any advice I sold a phone as I got an upgrade. Phone was immaculate . This was before Xmas. POS feedback was left. Them the lady mess me I was a scammer was very rude I ignored her as I felt threatened. Them I get a negative balance  then paypal phoned and I realised they not only refunded her but she has kept phone.  I can’t appeal I can’t email or write. I spoke on phone they said they emailed me  but they had wrong email  (I sorted this out ages ago) I changed email ) so we had no Comtact. She said collections agency will be on to us. I am sick to the stomach I am happy to send me money if my phone is returned.  Case is closed so I’m at a dead end. So I’ve lost a £350 phone and £350 cash.  How is  that fair. 🥵😡

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1. If the 'transaction' was linked to the old or wrong email then that would be the email that paypal would use.

2. If you did not respond to the dispute then it would go in the buyers favour, if you had responded then paypal would have asked the buyer to return the phone first before you had to refund (unless the buyer could prove it fake/stolen etc).

3. Whilst paypal has limited seller protection you will have the right to your own private legal action if you want via the small claims court?

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