I just started this personal account. How can I tell if it's a so-called "Balance Account?"

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Paypal is nothing if not confusing. They talk about their new so-called "Balance Account." But there is nothing to indicate if mine is one of those - possibly because the only transaction is "Pending." Nevertheless, there is not even a "Balance = 0" line anywhere. How can anyone tell?

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You can keep, show and use a balance with PayPal if you have a PayPal Balance account. If you cannot keep, show, spend a balance then, you do not have a balance account.



To view your available balance, go to your Dashboard page.

To view your available balance on the app, tap 🏠 icon PayPal balance.


The transaction is Pending because it’s an eCheck waiting to be cleared? Click on the transaction for more details on it’s status.

Once the payment is no longer pending and ready for you to accept, accept it and select ‘Keep it in PayPal’ option to proceed with the balance account set up process.

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