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How can I get my authenticator app working with Paypal again?

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Ever since I got my iphone replaced, Paypal has stopped working right with my third party authenticator app, Authy. (Side note: I've considered that maybe the new way that Apple has you transfer your old phone contents on your new one could've broken permissions or something. fwiw.)


Basically, I've had to contact customer service three times, because I wasn't able to log into my account or pay money requests. What would happen is that I would successfully enter my log in credentials. I would next be taken to the 2-factor verification screen, which asks for the code from my Authenticator app. This screen would be greyed out with an overlay of a spinning wheel. The wheel would spin until it timed out most of the time, although on two occasions, it finally loaded after over five minutes. 


Customer service told me the first time I contacted that I had a security block from entering my captchas wrong and it would lift eventually. The second time I called, they told me there was no security block and couldn't figure out why I still wasn't getting in. Just as they were about to shut down my account completely, the spinning wheel let up and I was able to enter my authenticator code. I called a third time because the extended spinning wheel thing was still happening. We decided that the rep should remove the 2-factor authentication step and that did the trick. She told me that I could add it back as a new entry in my app. Buuuuut - as soon as I did, the issue began again. (While this was happening, I was still able to use paypal checkout, which would text a code to my phone. Just couldn't pay Money Requests or log in.)


Currently using 2-factor authentication via text, but I really want to have the best security and use the authenticator app, so would appreciate help resolving this!


How can I get my authenticator app working with Paypal again?


Hello @mariyapy,


Welcome to PayPal Community! I understand the urgency of wanting this issue resolved. If you have called and had the authenticator removed and did not receive any errors, you may not be able to bypass our security if the issue only occurs when the authenticator app is installed. You can also attempt to clear cache and cookies before reinstating the desired application to see if that would assist. My apologies for the inconvenience this issue may have caused. 

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How can I get my authenticator app working with Paypal again?

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I have the same issue  - updated the papyal app and now I cant log in. - I put my details in and press log in and it then just clears all my details from the screen  and asks me to put the info in again. 


I can get into the account online. so I know the details are all correct

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