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- Lost my phone and it's authenticator app.

- Can't Login into my paypal account because of two step verififcation.

- How can I turn off 2-step verififcation without logging into paypal account. I am stuck.

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This is the same issue i am facing.


I had my son play stupid virus games on my phone and I had to format it. Also my card is somehow no longer working.


I have all the documents, account, password, My other documents and I can't still login to my **bleep**ing paypal account.


I have had REVOLUT, Binance and other banking accounts which were lost also in this mess. But all of them were swift in Finding a solution to my problem.


In paypal, there is no customer support, There is no way you can fix this issue, and they seem like they do what ever the **bleep** the want with your money and account!. Totally unacceptable experience.


I will never ever use authenticator app on Gaypal. Let the "scammers" and hackers get access to my account with out 2step verfication rather than not being able to login to my own account.


Try calling them by phone like you would call your Grandmother!. I think that is the only way other users have suggested.


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