Unable to update Paypal password when using Ebay app android



I updated my passwords in Ebay and Paypal a few weeks ago.  On the laptop and app on my phone the password has changed. All working fine.

But when I use Ebay and it takes me to pay with Paypal on my phone. I log in using my phone number and password.  But it hasn't updated my password change.

When I look at the password it's still the old one.  But when I go to update password it says the old password isn't right. But it clearly shows it. And it won't sign in. And I can't change it either

I have Googled and asked Paypal and they have no idea. They said change your password. But I just did so I don't see how it will help.

Any thoughts please ?

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Hello @starkitty99, thanks for posting.


I'm sorry to hear you are having trouble updating your password.


You can manage the devices and browsers you use to log into your PayPal account and remove the ones you don't use anymore.

Here's how to remove the devices and browsers you don't use anymore:

  1. Click the Settings icon next to "Log out."
  2. Click Security.
  3. Click Manage next to "Manage where you log in."
  4. Click Remove under the devices and browsers you don't use anymore.


  • We will send you a notification whenever we notice a new login from a device we don't recognize.
  • This feature is not available on the PayPal app.


I hope this helps.


- Sean

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