Trying to access 'Old' account but request new password saying theres a problem?

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I have an old account that I am trying to close, I don't remember opening it in the first place, however, the 'forgot my password' keeps saying there's a problem, the 'assistance' thing is absolutely useless, keeps going around in circles and having spend 40minutes on with customer support, most of which was on hold I'm still nowhere. They want the bank details linked to it but if I don't remember setting up the account in the first place how am I supposed to remember the bank details? Does anyone have any suggestions?

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Hello @Temp20231004B

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I'm sorry you're unable to log into your old PayPal account to delete it. Before Customer Support can close an account, they would need to verify who you are. Requesting financial information is one of those steps. However, if you're certain all of the information on file is out of date, you can let them know that. We have a few different options for contacting Customer Support, so you might find one of our other options helpful as well. You can review them on our Help Center here

I hope you're able to close the old account soon! 

- Meghan

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